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      For the first week and a half, I was sick but these are some of the ides I brainstormed:
Saturday, August 28, 2010 Draft one: These are the ideas I had when I heard about the project :
1) Wrap an egg in bubble wrap and attach a parachute so it comes down slowly with the pointy end down so that it slices through the air.

2) Put the egg in a bouncy ball.

3) My brother gave me the idea to put the egg inside a loaf of bread.

4) Put the egg in a square of Jell-O but it may go trough the Jell-O and hit the ground.

5) My mother gave me the idea of putting it in a stuffed animal but we have to be careful it doesn’t way too much.

6) Put the egg inside a small round pillow.

7) My dad thinks we should tape springs all around the egg and then wrap it snuggly in bubble wrap so the springs keep their positions.

8) I would like to use almost a pound of Wonder Bread with a parachute. 

9) Mom also said to place Styrofoam peanuts around the egg.

    Then I made 6 apparatuses and tested them to see what worked. I made some drafts that were just brainstorming so I am not going to put those on this website because they did not help me toward the final product.

Doga and Gabe