Final Project

Pick one of the following to complete as a final project in Scratch

Difficulty  NameRequirements 
Easy Simple Pac-Man
  • Pac-Man moves around the screen
  • Pac-Man eats pellets to get score
  • Ghosts chase Pac-Man around
  • If Ghosts get Pac-Man, it is game over
  • No maze or walls required
  • No remixing other scratch games
Medium Simple Escape the Room 
  • Character is stuck in a room and needs to escape
  • Mouse Click on objects and drag them onto others (example: keys onto doors)
  • Create a puzzle that needs to be solved in order
  • Game resets itself 
 Hard Simple Flappy-Bird
  • Title Screen
  • Space bar starts game
  • Space bar causes bird to "flap"
  • Get score for flying further
  • Space bar resets game
  • Space bar the only button that needs to be pressed
  • No remixing other scratch games 
Custom Make your own Scratch App or Game 
  • Fill out an App Drafting Sheet
  • Get App Drafting Sheet approved
  • App must be original and from "scratch"
  • No remixing other Scratch apps

Quick Info


    Challenges are quick simple tasks to sharpen your scratch skills
  • Make a sprite follow around your mouse
  • Make a sprite shrink and grow in size
  • Find a way to change the background by pressing a button
  • Make a sprite change colors on its own


    Here are a list of apps that we'd like to see created. Apps should be fully completed, polished, and have a high usability. Don't start a bounty without permission.

Reporter Game
Make a game about being a newspaper reporter.

Fake TV App
Make a "TV" app that different shows on different channels at different real world times.

Dancing Cartoons
Make a dance floor with characters on it. The user can flip a switch to turn on music, cause lights to flash, and the characters to dance. When the music turns off, every thing freezes.

Random Poetry Generator
Make an app that generates a randomly written poem.