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Book Pitch

The Five Paragraph Essay is also a great way to plan public speaking opportunities.

Pitch your favorite book of all time to the class. You will have 3 minutes to stand up and try to convince your peers to read your favorite book. Use the five paragraph essay format to help you plan your talk. You will NOT be reading an essay you wrote in front of the class.

  1. Decide: decide what your favorite book of all time is
  2. Brainstorm: write down all of the reasons you think the book is amazing
  3. Outline: Create a hamburger model outline for your talk
  4. Beef it up: Add more notes to your outline that you want to make sure you cover
  5. Practice: Practice your speech. Remember, you won't be allowed to read anything. Practice so you're comfortable but do not memorize what you're going to say. Memorizing makes your speech seem unnatural.