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Branding and Sales

Branding is the face of a company that is trying to sell a product. It is the emotional response that is created and engineered by a company when you think about their name or products. We are going to look at some brands and try to create some for ourselves.

Let's start by watching some videos that explain branding


You are a member of a small advertising company. You have been hired by a large company that is starting a new company that is selling various products. They want your company to create a brand and identity for the new business.

Create a "Branding Pitch" to a new company. Include the following:

1) Company Purpose

2) Identity
  • Costumer Contact Points
    • Company Name
    • Company Logo - Create a 1024x1024px graphic for the company
    • Company Slogan - Create a new slogan for your company
    • Store Plan - Create a store plan for your company
    • Key Product Labels
    • Key Product Advertising
      • 11 x 17 inch Poster
      • 30 Second TV Ad
      • 30 Radio Ad
All of these items should all be compatible with the SAME branding plan.
Use this checklist to help organize your groups sales pitch.

Company Purpose

Create a one sentence statement that explains your company's purpose. Be sure to include the target audience.

Company Name

Create a name for the new company. The name should be appealing to the company's target audience.

Draw a company logo. Do not copy one from the web. Make sure the logo follows your company's branding plan. You can draw it by hand or use a computer drawing program. The logo needs to be scanned and be at least 1024x1024 pixels.

Company Slogan

Create a catchy 2 to 8 word slogan for your company. Make sure that it fits your company's branding plan.

Store Plan

Draw a map of what your company store would looks like. Remember, your store can sell may things, but the purpose of the store is the sell the key product. For example, Apple stores sell car phone chargers and itunes gift cards, but their key products are mobile devices and laptops.

Examples of store plans:

Key Product Materials

The most important thing to remember is that all of your Key Product Materials should fix together in a congruent advertising plan.

Label: Make a label for your Key Product. The label should be affixed to your product or the box your product comes in. The product should look like any product you could find on a Wal-Mart shelf.

Label Example:  

Poster: Make an 11x17 inch poster advertisement for your key product. The poster should be colorful, but also look amazing in black and white.

Poster Example:

Key Product Media Ads

The media advertisements will take a lot of planning and time. Make sure that you start on them early.

Make a 30 second TV advertisement for your key product. Remember that this ad should fit with the overall brand: purpose, audience, theme, etc.

Watch this example ad for a local company: 

YouTube Video

What elements of branding did you see in this video? Please note that this example is longer than the 30 seconds that you are required to make.

Make a 30 second radio advertisement for your key product.  Remember that this ad should fit with the overall brand: purpose, audience, theme, etc.

Watch this "How to Make a Radio Ad" 

YouTube Video

Sales Pitch

Put it all together in a sales pitch to your parent company. If they like your total branding scheme they will hire your company to do the marketing. Imagine there are many different advertising companies all pitching their branding ideas the same day as you. You HAVE to stand out.