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Children's Stories

It is important whenever you do writing to consider who is going to read your writing. One easy way to remember to think about your audience is to write stories for children. If you don't carefully consider what makes a good children's stories a children's stories then kids won't want to read it and parents won't buy your book.

This assignment has three graded sections:
  1. Writing an outline
  2. Creating a book
  3. Reading to children

Writing an Outline

First, read Mr. Incorvia's "Fred the Foolish Fish" or any other children's book. Ask yourself "what makes this a children's story?"

Type a 20 page children's story. Include one title page and one "the end" page. Provide quick sketches of what the illustrations will look like. While drafting your story you must include:
  • 1 Title page
  • 18 pages of story (about 5 sentences per page)
  • 1 The End page
  • Colorful hand-drawn art pictures
  • The story has at least two different locations
  • Vibrant characters
  • A moral or important lesson
  • Simple and repeating language
Proof your stories before creating your book.

Creating a Book

Use a piece of colorful card stock and five pieces of white paper to create your book.