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Radio Job Descriptions

General Description for All Members

The Radio News team members are responsible for many different aspects of running a successful radio show. Team members must:

  • Produce shows free of errors

  • Write pieces that are interesting to the general public

  • Meet all deadlines and appointments

  • Do sound editing

Radio News team members must follow all rules and regulations of the KRUU fm. They must respect and follow the direction of all KRUU team members and must protect FPAC equipment.

Radio News team members must also be self-directed, responsible, trustworthy, hardworking and work well with their other team members. Radio News team members must be journalistically ethical.

Radio Reporters

Reporters should cover what’s happening in Fairfield. They must report in a third person neutral style.

Each story must have:

  • 1:20 mins of reporting

  • A live interview or a quote

  • Must be sent in by 7:45pm

First Step:

  • Find a story idea ahead of time

  • Schedule an interview

  • Edit with Audacity (if needed)

  • Send in to the editor by email

Radio Editor

Editors should put all news stories together with music and intros.

  • Report the weather for the day

  • Make sure the whole show is five minutes

  • Upload the show to KRUU’s FTP server.