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US History 2.1

Continental Congress

Read all instructions before getting started.

1) Take a information sheet from the US History folder on the Robot Work wall.

2) Go to Google Documents and create a new document called: US History 2.1. Write all work in this document.

3) Read the information sheet over carefully.

4) Answer the following question(s) about the informations sheet:

  • Why do you think England continually increased pressure on the colonies?
  • Why do you think Georgia didn't send delegates to the first Continental Congress?
  • Fighting began before the Declaration of Independence. What effect do you think this had on the Continental Congress?

5) Write two "I would like to know more about" questions. Use complete sentences.

6) Find the answers for your "I would like to know more about" questions on the internet from reliable sources.

7) Write the answers to your "I would like to know more about" questions on your document without plagiarize the website.

8) Cite where you got your answers.


Last name, First name. "Title of Page."
Title of Site. Date Published. Date you found page.
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