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Writing 1.1


You have two assignments to do today. You must manage your time well.

1) Take this weeks "Writing Workout" from the folder in class or print one out here.
The Writing Workout should take you about ten minutes.

2) Read the text below carefully. Type the answers to the red assignments in Google Docs. Name the file Writing 1.1

Setting is an Element of Literature. The setting of a story is its Time and Place -- the When and Where.

  • Think of ten different stories you know. They can be stories from movies, books or video games. List the Time and the Place for each of these stories.


1) Star Wars
Time: A long time ago
Place: In a galaxy far far away

2) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Time: Modern times
Place: England / Hogwarts

It is very important for stories to let their readers know where and when the story is taking place. But not all writers do this with the same level of skill.

Poor writers will simply tell the reader what is going on. This method is like beating someone over the head with the information


It was Sunday morning at 10:00 in the morning. Jenny was at home in her bed. She wanted to go to the park.

Ouch. The author beats our head with the information. What day is it? SMACK SUNDAY!
Here is a more sublet way of writing in the time and place.


Jenny stretched. The sun was just starting to poke itself through her window to touch her bed. She was still sleepy, but could hear the church bells off in the distance. Today was a big day for her. She wanted to go to the park.

Did you catch all of the clues? What day of the week is it? What time was it? Now you try

  • Type the beginning of a story about a man in a ice-cream shop. It is late and the store is about to close, but the man cannot make up his mind about what flavor to get. Give the reader clues as to the Time and the Place but be very sneaky about it! Print out your paper when finished.

When you are done with both your Writing Workout and your Setting assignments OR you have run out of time, staple all of your work together and put it in the submit folder.