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Writing 1.2


You have two assignments to do today. You must manage your time well.

1) Take this weeks "Writing Workout" from the folder in class or print one out here.
The Writing Workout should take you about ten minutes.

2) Read the text below carefully. Type the answers to the red assignments in Google Docs. Name the file Writing 1.2

Character--Imaginary people created by the writer. Perhaps the most important element of literature.

Protagonist--Major character at the center of the story.
Antagonist--A character or force that opposes the protagonist.
Foil--A character that is the opposite of the protagonist to create contrast
  • Think of five different stories you know. They can be stories from movies, books or video games. List the Protagonists, Antagonist and Foils for each of these stories.


1) Star Wars
Protagonist: Luke Skywalker
Antagonist: Darth Vader
Foil: Han Solo

2) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Protagonist: Harry Potter
Antagonist: He-who-shall-not-be-named
Foil: Ron Weasley

  • Interview a fictional, non-human character. First start by establishing the Setting of the interview, then begin the interview like you'd see in a magazine. Have your character answer twenty-questions. Each questions should show us a little more about what your character is like.

Good evening everyone. I am here in the underground lair of Slur, the giant slug beast.

Me: How are you doing Slur?

Slur: I am terrible! Since this new highway went in over my home the noise has been giving me a head-ache

Me: Is this why you are plotting the destruction of the whole city?

Slur: Yes. And I am hungry

When you are done with both your Writing Workout and your Writing assignments OR you have run out of time, staple all of your work together and put it in the submit folder.