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Writing 2.1

Why I Will Not Get Out of Bed

You have two assignments to do today. You must manage your time well.

1) Take this weeks "Writing Workout" from the folder in class or print one out here.
The Writing Workout should take you about ten minutes.

2) Read the text below carefully. Type the answers to the red assignments in Google Docs. Name the file Writing 2.1

Most of us have days when we don't want to face the world. We want to stay home, skip school, read a book, or place video games all day. Use the common experiences to you write something.

Brainstorm all of the reasons for not getting out of bed. List five serious reasons and five silly reasons.

Read these poems titled "Why I Will Not Get Out of Bed."

Why I Will Not Get Out of Bed
My muscles unravel
like spools of ribbon:
there is not a shadow

of pain. I will pose
like this for the rest
of the afternoon,

for the remainder
of all noons. The rain
is making a valley

of my dim features.
I am in Albania,
I am on the Rhine

It is autumn,
I smell the rain,
I see children running

through columbine.
I am honey,
I am several winds.

My nerves dissolve,
my limbs wither --
I don't love you.

I don't love you.
~James Tate

Why I Will Not Get Out of Bed
The sheets are holding me
prisoner: clever grabbers,
They think they're very funny

If I put my foot out
the rug snarls and
seizes my ankles.
I'll be tossed
high into the hallway,
thrown in a heap at
the bottom of the stairs.
~Liz Enagonio

Write your own poem titled Why I Will Not Get Out of Bed.

When you are done with both your Writing Workout and your Writing assignments OR you have run out of time, staple all of your work together and put it in the submit folder.