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Summary Example

This is an example of a project page for Defenestration Project

Defenestration Summary Page

Design an apparatus that will protect a raw, free-falling egg or a one-gallon bottle of water dropped from a second floor window. The apparatus must hit the concrete below the window.

  • The apparatus must fit through the window.
  • The egg must be in a sealed plastic bag that will be included in the weight of the apparatus.
  • The egg apparatus may not weigh more than 500 grams.
  • The water apparatus may not weigh more than 35 kilograms.
  • No harm may come to the concrete.
The purpose of this project is to learn how the processes of drafting, feedback and testing are an important part of learning.


Key Pictures

Our first apparatus

Our first feedback from Mrs. Carter

Our final results


Describe the final results

Our final drop seemed to be less successful than any of our other test drops. The parachute did not open and the egg didn't stay in the rubber bands. The egg was saved, however, by the plastic bag being caught in the rubber bands.

Our final weight was 267g.
Our final design score was 50 / 60
Our final project grade was 9.27 / 10 which is an A-

What do we know now that we didn't know when we started this project?
  • Eggs are more durable than we thought
  • Successful tests do not always mean you will have successful results
  • The more people we talked to - the more ideas we came up with
  • "Rubber bands" is two word

How did you experience thought leading to action, action leading to achievement, and achievement leading to fulfillment?

Every time we succeed we felt fulfilled and happy. We felt this happened because we planned our drafts well.

Advice for future students about this project
  • Testing is an important part of the design process
  • Work fast!

What else would we have liked to have tried that we didn't have time to do?

We would have liked to do more test drops outside without rain.

What proof do you have the shows you learned the project’s purpose?

Our final draft show significant improvement over our first draft. The draft's drawing is much more detailed, orderly, and far more fault tolerant. The planning of fault tolerance turned out to save the day in the end.