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Web Safety Robot Work

Day 1

1) Sign into your new gmail account.

2) There is a short survey you need to fill out. It is either in your email or you can click here to get to it.

3) Go to your Google Sites page and sign in.

Things to try today:
  • Make a title for your page
  • Add a picture (from your camera, phone, or the internet)
  • Make a new page that has links to your peer's sites
4) When you finish those things, you may continue to work on your Google Site.

Day 2

Today we are going to work with a image editing program called GIMP.
GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program but don't worry about that now.

1) Download this picture

2) Open the GIMP program

3) Make the sky purple and the dinosaur orange.

4) Put this picture on a new page on your site

5) Download this picture

6) Use the crop tool to remove the lady, or only the man with the kite remains in the photo

7) Add this new picture to the same page as the dinosaur picture

Extra Credit!
Download and edit a picture of your choice in a VERY creative way!