Scratch Examples

Level 1

Day 1 - Move a Cat

Use the arrow keys to move a sprite around

Day 2 - Spin and Grow a Dog

Use the more buttons with motion and looks blocks

Day 3 - Repeat and Forever a Cat

Use Repeat and Forever loops to make the cat do many things

Day 4 - Ask a Question

What questions can you ask?

Day 5 - Simple Score

Learn to make a variable

Day 6 - Foot Race

A two player game

Day 7 - Eat the Donut

Add an extension

Level 2

Day 1 - Dragon Drop

Make a game where the dragon drops bombs on something.

Day 2 - Car Race

Add more cars to race. Build a race track.

Day 3 - Dragon Dodge

The famous "start, forever" loop and variables

Day 4 - Fix the Broken Project

Someone made a mess. You need to fix it up.

Day 5 - Click the Cat

Finish this game. How can you make it more fun and not just pretty?

Day 6 - Running Cat

Finish this game. Don't just work on the art.

Day 7 - Dodge Game

Turn this into a game where you dodge the butterfly.

Day 8 - Angry Parrot

What does this game need to be more fun?

Day 9 - Flappy Bird

Use this to get going on a flappy bird game.

Tier S+

Day 1 - Random Art

Add the "Pen" extension. When start flag is clicked, draw a random piece of art on the background.

Day 2 - Spin the Wheel

Create a "spin the giant wheel" carnival style game.

Day 3 - Game Idea Maker

Try making a random game type using the idea generator.

Day 4 - TV Show

Make a fake TV. Make your own TV show on it. BONUS: can you have more than one channel?

Day 5 - Clicker Game

Click the button to get cash. Use cash to buy items that will click the button for you, etc.

Borrow Some Blocks

Simple Score

Using variables to make a score

Two Things Touching - Collision

Make something happen when things touch

Timer / Time Limit

Does your game need to have a timer or time limit? Use Variables and Wait blocks.

Glide to a Clicked Spot

Another way to move sprites besides pressing keys.

Quiz Show

Asking questions and getting answers.

Shoot Straight

Shoot Up Down Left Right

Shoot Aim with Mouse

Different ways to make a sprite "shoot"

Jumper Cat v1

How to make a sprite jump.

Jumper Cat v2

Second example on how to make a sprite jump.

Mobile Controls Examples

Want to make your game work on a phone or tablet? Use these kind of controls

Advanced Examples

Bobbing for Apples v1

Bobbing for Apples v2

Bobbing for Apples v3

Bobbing for Apples Final

Shows the progress of building a game step by step.

Maze 1

Maze 2

Detecting touching walls.

Order Food

A start for a game where you make food

Mysteries of the Universe

The best animation.

Astro Blast

Complex. Trying to simulate Z depth.

Laser Bounce

Get an angle from another sprite.

Simple Agario v1

First version of the game.

Holiday Decorations

Decorate using stamps.

Baking A Muffin

A simple cooking game.


Keep the ball in the air.

High Dive

Scoring a dive.


Switching costumes to show change.

Chemical VS Physical Change

You can use scratch for school projects.

Count Down Timer

A simple timer.

Cats in Space


Holiday App (Cutscenes with a story)

Using broadcast a message blocks