Arcade Project

Purpose: The purpose of the arcade project is to learn to connect the digital world with the real world through programming and woodworking.

Web-Portfolio Creation

Example Student Web-Portfolio

Example Arcade Page

The Arcade page needs to have at least

  • Purpose of the project up top

  • 1 picture of a finished Make Code skill map

  • 1 picture of a cut map an description

  • 1 construction picture and description of what you are doing

  • Evidence you completed Pizza Chase, Lemon Leak, and Barrel Dodge tutorials

  • Description and pictures of your synthesized app

  • 1 picture of your Quick Feedback Form with description

  • 1 picture of your Drafting Sheet with description

  • A link to your Final Game with description

  • An Arcade Project Reflection at the bottom:

A reflection has a final picture and answers these questions:

Describe the final results:

What do you know now that you didn't know when you started this project?

What advice would you give to future students about this project?

What else would you like to try that you didn't have time for?

What proof do you have that shows you learned the project’s purpose?