Advanced Programming

Purpose: The purpose of the programming project is to build a complex computer game using small, simple steps.

Learning to Code MakeCode Arcade

Finish the "Simple Platformer" track of the Game Maker Guide Skill Map.

Create a text based adventure using this code as a start

let page = 1;

if (page == 1) {

    game.showLongText("You see a dark hall in front of you", DialogLayout.Full);

    if (game.ask("A for go forward", "B to go home")) {

        game.showLongText("You go down the spooky hall.", DialogLayout.Full);

        page = 2;  // Moving to the next page

    } else {

        game.showLongText("You go home feeling safe.", DialogLayout.Full);




if (page == 2) {

    game.showLongText("You now stand in front of two doors.", DialogLayout.Full);

    if (game.ask("A for left door", "B for right door")) {

        game.showLongText("You open the left door and find a magical creature.", DialogLayout.Full);

      page = 3;  // Moving to the next page

    } else {

        game.showLongText("You open the right door and fall into a trap!", DialogLayout.Full);




Final Game

The final game must be an original game that you create.

It must have a splash screen that says "by, YOUR NAME"

It must have a unique name.

The target game play length is 90 seconds. A person playing your game should win or lose in around 90 seconds on average.

It must help plays avoid smashing buttons over and over that might hurt the machine

Is NOT a 3D game.

The game should have some sounds but not an overwhelming amount AND stops all sound on game over or win..

Web-Portfolio Creation

Example Student Web-Portfolio

Example Programming Page

Programming Page Requirements

Add a final picture

Answer these question on your Reflection

What was the final result?

What do you know now that you didn't know when you started this project?

What advice would you give to future students about this project?

What else would you like to try that you didn't have time for?

What proof do you have that shows you learned the project’s purpose?