Spa Products

Purpose: The purpose of the Spa Products Project is to understand how pricing and branding affect a product's marketability.

What is Branding?

Watch this video

Lip Balm Company Assignment

Using Google Drawings create three different company names with three logo designs each

3 companies X 3 logos each = 9 total images

Put all three company logos together on the same sheet. So, 3 logos per Google Drawing Sheet.

No importing pictures. You must draw all of them yourself.

  • Add these images to your new Spa Products page on your web-portfolio

  • Explain what branding is and how these images are focused on support it

Lip Balm Making Documentation

Post photos and descriptions of you making lip balm. What are you doing? What is the final product look like?

Price Per Unit

Calculate how much it costs to make a single tube of your lip balm using this table and links.

Create a Business Plan

Create a business plan for your lip balm company using this template.

Web-Portfolio Creation

Example Student Web-Portfolio

Example Spa Product Page

The Spa Products page needs to have at least

  • Purpose of the project up top

  • Lip Balm companies and logos you've made

  • Documentation of you making lip balm. Use pictures with descriptions.

  • Price Per Unit

  • Lip Balm Business Plan

  • A reflection has a final picture and answers these questions:

Describe the final results:

What do you know now that you didn't know when you started this project?

What advice would you give to future students about this project?

What else would you like to try that you didn't have time for?

What proof do you have that shows you learned the project’s purpose?