Video Production

Purpose: The purpose of the Video Production Project is to experience how outlining and planning are important for producing high-quality results.

Morning Routine

This short film by BritANick can show us how a script and storyboard become a finished piece.

Morning Routine Script for Scene 1

Morning Routine Storyboard for Scene 3

Morning Routine Video Production.mp4

Writing a Script

Pick a Scenario with your group. One one team can pick a each scenario.

Scripts need to be written in very specific and required format. Look at the Morning Routine Example Script.


After you have finished writing your script, make a storyboard that outlines every shot that you will need to capture during filming.

Storyboard example

Web-Portfolio Creation

Example Student Web-Portfolio

Example Video Production Product Page

The Video Production page needs to have at least

  • Purpose of the project up top

  • A copy of your team's script

  • A copy of your team's storyboard

  • Evidence and descriptions of the filming process

  • Evidence and descriptions of the editing process

  • The final finished film

  • A reflection has a final picture and answers these questions:

Describe the final results:

What do you know now that you didn't know when you started this project?

What advice would you give to future students about this project?

What else would you like to try that you didn't have time for?

What proof do you have that shows you learned the project’s purpose?