Purpose: The purpose of the Yo-Yo project is to learn how to document work on a web-portfolio.

Description: Students will make wooden, handmade yo-yos. Students will make web-portfolios to record the whole process.

Purpose: The purpose of  the arcade project is to  learn to  connect the digital world with the real world through programming and woodworking.

Description: Students learn to program video games using Make Code Arcade. Games will be uploaded to a retro arcade cabinet that the class builds together.

Purpose: The purpose of the Spa Products Project is to understand how pricing and branding affect a product's marketability.

Description: Students will create a mock lip balm company.

Purpose: The purpose of the Video Production Project is to experience how outlining and planning are important for producing high-quality results.

Description: Students will create scripts and storyboards, and shoot, direct, act in, and edit their own videos. They will be involved in digital storytelling and learn to work with a team while engaged in the creative process.

Purpose: The purpose of the Carnival Project is to consider audience while planning and making.

Description: Students will create a school carnival with games, attractions, shows, and prizes. Students will consider price, win probability, and value while being a singular part of the whole.